The Outdoor Version of King Sport The For Youth

If a few years ago, if you happen to see a young person playing in free football style – an outdoor sport, make a few technical movements, viewers might have thought that this guy was a professional athlete or circus.

But now, people familiar with the images of athletes spoon with soccer ball head, foot or soccer ball moves complex spoon tirelessly in the community playing field in many major cities and all who understand that merely a new street sport called football art, or freestyle football (FF)

The Formation and Development Of Free Football Style Sport

Art football from its name says it is the variety of ways to play because it does not merely half spoon playing soccer ball that also encompasses such forms of play street football (soccer street ); panna (soccer slip enemy) …

If you asked football was born from art when it can be said that since the advent of football, football player gameplay has always paid attention to the beautiful and artistic.

Until football is considered the most popular sport on the planet, from the early 20th century in the years appeared the famous spoon soccer ball as  Enrico Rastelli (1896 to 1931), and Francis Bunn ( 1922-2004) with circus skills with the ball. Soccer ball with your spoon started without a professional football player can match

Football only really art exit circus floor when he lifted flaking techniques or performances with the ball is the famous football stars such as Pele, Diego Maradona, or “holy” Johan Cruyff applied while practicing and right on the golf ball set.

In the early 2000s, when the media participated in honoring the art football with football series advertisement series of Nike arts: Joga Bonito, Ronaldinho with the participation of football players and the arts the sport is widely promoted.

And there are people who do not play football tradition accepted and played with the ball as a passion and develop it into a new sport. Now football is not just a game art performances unique skills of football, but a way to improve health, the way to satisfy the passion of youth football, the spirit can fight hunger win, reaching new heights

In 2003, art soccer tournament was the world’s first birth is called Masters of the Game marked the official sport of football art is recognized officially in the presence of this sport.

From then onwards to the appeal is not limited to the creation of new technologies and the development of the internet, art football developed quickly and had established arts Football Federation F3 world simultaneously organizing big tournaments like Redbull freestyle football, Eurobac, Komball …

Those who take the lead in promoting football in the world of art can not fail to mention did not like Mr. Woo (Korean); Touzani, Abdulah (Netherlands); Palle (Sweden)…

The Basic Techniques of Spooning Football Art

If traditional football legs only to control the ball then he lifted the ball seemed focused art techniques skillfully controlled the ball not only by foot but also by other parts like arms, shoulders, jaw, back head … the purpose of this subject is not in the scoring but mainly in the creative performances and beautiful.

The first time a novice with the ball, you will have to set the basic techniques, even … caddy. Next, you will be familiar with the basic techniques such as rotating the ball with his hand, he lifted the ball with one foot and then the legs, keeping the ball on the instep, going around the ball once the ball is in the air…

These techniques more difficult balance by the first ball, keep the ball in the back, chest or even in the challenging environment … once you have mastered and will decide who is the winner of the competition.

It is not wrong to say he lifted the ball art is a great combination between sport and art because, besides manual dexterity and flexibility to control parts ball, players can cooperate he lifted the ball along the screen with music, break dance movements or even dance ballet … to the performances more appealing and eye-catching.

The Formation of Free Football Style Group

This is an outdoor sport and play very engaged so that many young people play this sport. Also soccer is the king of sport in the world, the passion and the love for soccer, in general, has inspired to many players.

Currently, the development of this sport growing the movement with football practice art. The tournament of this sport is also increasingly professional organization.

Spoon award-art soccer ball sponsors are held every year; many young people have the passion and participation. This sport is very easy to play in space, without investing too much initial cost, suitable for many different ages…

Currently, football was popular art in almost all major cities in many countries around the world. The league of this sport also gained the attention of a lot of the press and the media traditional.

Football players can monitor art and self-playing through social networks of people playing football on facebook or youtube art with a variety of video tutorials for beginners hoping to spread subjects this sport is increasingly widespread.

And after many years, the art of football is now an indispensable part of modern football and is a healthy sporting activity for young people today.

Discovering An Exciting Outdoor Sport Is Skateboarding

Not really hard, we are in contact with a group of practicing skateboarder at a plaza in the evening. With sports clothes, canvas shoes they watch each other perform new moves learned. Boys have a pretty cute nickname: Paul – small squirrel was performing pop jump (dam tail, rotate 180 degrees and begin boarding) onto a bench.

Look at him like flies on the board surfing and then suddenly the whole person and planks are tossed in the air and then landing “plop” a marble floor, I could not excite because just a little distracted there be abrasions, severe, can a broken arm.

But Paul has landed quite softly in the unceasing applause of the crowd gathered around. Antonio, a 13-year-old boy trying to reach poised to take the zigzag lines. Stumbled many times, but he still pursed lips go forward.

Another side, Jimmy skate boy a high school student was performing a jump over 2 Ollie stacked deck plate. Many successful shots, but there are also many times the “butt” of him falling reviews “thud” marble floor.

Every day, from 3 pm to 6-7 pm, you practice skateboarding group of Jimmy … again gathered together in the plaza practicing skateboarding and also to satisfy his passion. “The rain too, the new group does not go practice, and every day, almost all of them to participate,” Brad said.

Skateboarding is not just appealing to many skate girl skate boy love this game. Darline, a girl eleventh graders were also present at the guys to practice. Page frequently lied parents that go … aerobics set to hide away set, skis had sent home a friend.

The skateboarder was established both to introduce the skate website, posted on the exercises for beginners. The video clips on the jump shot or, beautiful leaps also be uploaded to the people to enjoy. There you also composed a song dedicated to the people skateboard.

Besides – a member of a group also opened a shop for skateboarding that sells skateboard and skate-related accessories.

Workout With The Outdoor Skateboarding Sport

To play this goal, the player must have courage, dare to bear the pain, especially patience and passion must be large enough. Although somewhat like roller skating (both sliding on the small cakes), but to be able to “surf as flying” on the skateboard requires not less sweat, tears of a skateboarder.

With newcomers, initially to “get acquainted” with the board. After zigzag and walker-style snake. Proficiency in this step is passed Ollie dancing – dance basics of skateboarding. Those hard-working and gifted it takes about 1-2 months to be able to jump Ollie.

Also wanted to jump over the obstacles like two stacked deck plate, pop up the bench, or the hard-clip requires skateboarder to practice from 6 months to 1 year.

It is hard to avoid for people skateboarding is like arm injury, stride, sprains … or scrapes body.

Secondly, this is a rather expensive sport. People play skateboard to shop for a kit including deck (planks) for $200 usually, two truck (below deck cylinder) 100 dollars, 40 dollars the bearings, the wheels 40 dollars (the good quality product ), not including accessories such as backpacks skateboards, protective clothing …

There was even cheaper, only 10 to 20 dollar range (low-quality goods) but the quality is not guaranteed, it is easy for players to cause accidents. Most players can only skateboard shopping for a skateboard reputation of the firm. And the guard as helmets, gloves, knee guards .. always part should wear to protect the body

This Sport Should Always Have A Space To Play

The big cities do not have many people skateboard playground. However, many still try to maintain skateboarder practice and passion for this sport.

A Skate boy said initially he and his friends used to practice in the park, but often security personnel or police prompted. When his team out of the park, the other square to play, they must share space with people with many different activities.

So there should be a separate area for everyone to be able to participate in outdoor sports is a comfortable and safe manner. Required the participation and contributions of governments, sponsors interested in culture and mentality of today’s teenagers. Should have the skate parts, built more and expanded to meet the needs of young people.

For now, the lack of training ground has led some fans of skateboarding to spill into the street performers are likely to cause an accident, must be prevented.

Exploring A Few Hottest Outdoor Sports Today

The youth of today is the dynamic, vibrant and always at the forefront of the new movement; they like to explore and challenge themselves. The young people look to the street sport mostly people with strong personalities, to conquer ourselves, like unleash passions and express their authentic selves.

Let’s Ironman Sports 5 points through the streets are many who love and play today.


Parkour – magic dance in the streets, becoming one of the sports most adventurous streets today. So far it quickly became a movement attracted so many kids involved.

Parkour requires no costly to prepare training tools, you just need a pair of sports shoes lightweight, durable and has good adhesion. You can work anywhere; location is ideal for high-rise apartment buildings abandoned.

Is considered the art of movement, Parkour is a mixture of many sports such as gymnastics, martial arts, hip hop, breakdance parkour …. Players must have a physical toughness, flexibility active, creative and must love adventure.

 Bmx (Bicycle Motor Cross – Bike Art)

BMX is a mountain bike is very popular in European countries, was born in 1960 in the US, BMX has attracted the young participants. BMX is divided into two main types of BMX Racing (playing on complex terrain such as rock climbing, sand wood) and BMX Free Style (performance skills). Vietnam youth prefers more types of Free Style.

The street sport requires players to have good stamina, the ability to keep a good balance, patience, and a high tolerance. Since you have to practice simple movements such as lifting the car smoothly until its launch 3600hay can rotate in the air.

BMX bikes serve essentially the same terrain bike normally but smaller in size. Small wheels, the car, and the brakes are specially designed, swiveling 3600 wagon footrest placed at both front and rear wheels, special vehicles without outriggers.

Skate Board (Skateboarding Art)

This sport is derived from surfing beach US Open in 1950 and was popular from fine until this, especially the youth. So far Skate Board has become a popular sport with young people active, “tough”, as the challenge.

There are two main forms of Skateboard subject: “Game of Skate” (play 1-1) and “Street” (training and street performers). It takes a while for you to get used to the plank, balancing on it and then moving through the technical movements more difficult.

To cater to sports Skate Board street, you should invest yourself a quality skateboard and include protection devices for hands and feet to protect themselves from injury.

Inline Skate (Bakery Rollerblading 1)

This is a sport for a long time in many parts of the world but until about the last year, new skating grow and attract young people.

Nowadays young people are caught up in the 4-wheel skates 1 row filled novel. Inline Skate is divided into many types and varied, depending on the interests and abilities of the self, the player can choose the kind of suits me.

Beginners play this sport must become familiar streets with shoes and learn to stand on its balance before you can glide gently or through the obstacles. You should also equip themselves with a boyfriend protective gear to avoid injuries when accidents occur unexpectedly.

Free Style Football (Performing Art With Soccer Ball)

This is a street sport is no stranger to these guys like football, but football is different from the traditional, he lifted the ball just seemed artistic techniques gifted the ball by controlling the parts of the body such as head, back, shoulders, arms, legs.

You just have passion with the ball and a good pair of shoes, a space large enough to have the freedom to show you these techniques.

Exploring The Skating, A Pleasure Of The Youth Nowadays

The Youth Playing The Skating Outdoor Sport

In the afternoon time, in the park or plaza’s large cities have a lot of young people participate in outdoor sports as rollerblading. The young surf enthusiasts on the ground with the skates.

Only a few weeks of training is that you can slide it delicious, but as long as 2-3 months can slide technique. “Initially, if not able to stand on skates, there will be older players so I can keep getting a rebound, then a few sessions can be set to be alone.” Mary (14) recounts

The most important are the sport of inline skates. Reach 80 dollars that you already own shoes you can stick with it for several years. If that fails, it’s just the worn or loose wheel slip; then you only need to replace the cake for 4 dollars a wheel. However, if you engage in any Inline Skate, you should choose a dedicated pair for that category.

A good pair of shoes will certainly have to fit your feet when wearing shoe toe just touches the toe. The width can be a little tight a little bit (after going a while shoes will stretch out, even if the shoes surface broad horizontal when this might become inclined sliding feet slip and slide, it ‘s hard not right technique).

The new slide you still timid, afraid of falling pain can purchase additional protection for the two knees, two hands, and two elbows. Also, do not run off until the brake slip can go proficient as longtime players

With the injury rollerblading are all too common. The best and fastest way to cure is to stand up and continue to slide further. We can say it is a spiritual medicine to heal wounds very effective of all the players. Joel excitedly said: “Earlier this new learning to play, I often fell pain or knee protection, scratch elbow in hand … but never have the ointment, stood up to go forward is to forget the pain.

Playing Skating Movement Today 

Inline Skate has many categories: speed, slalom, hockey, dancing, slide, aggressive, downhill… suit everyone, from those you like flexibility with your dance steps to the adventurous, good-feeling Thrilling, skate 1 line can reach a speed of 80km / h. The speed is very fast

Not only training and exchange of experiences in a small community, but many members of the club also organizes a lot of competition with different clubs, attracting many young people from various regions and cities… to join.

Worldwide, rollerblading sport young artistic love is probably only after football. Not only good for health, exercise patience, inline skate also gives you links with friends and share their passion. This is an outdoor sport is worth playing.

Benefits Of Playing Skating

We can say skating is one of the best aerobic exercise suitable for all ages. Here are six important health benefits of roller skating is concluded from these programs regularly rollerblading.

Muscles and your fitness will improve, toughness, the dynamic will also be helping to increase. The components of the body will be transferred to the energy burned.

The lifespan of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system will balance quality and long hon.Su combination of the body also will be improved; that is beside the clarity of your mind. These improvements will also be affected in a positive way to other activities in your life.

Skating gives you the benefits of fitness training is similar to your jogging or cycling, to help you have a better cardiovascular system is set on the floor of a room with equipment gymnastic.

Admittedly, as the benefits from rollerblading are upstaged than jogging or cycling, rollerblading because when your body movements will be naturally soft and other activities difficult can get. For example, the self (inner thigh) and buttocks can be practiced when you rollerblade, while jogging or cycling can not.

Just from about 20 ~ 30 minutes a day as you can help yourself physically healthier, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also works to reduce more than half but caused trauma to the body from the joints, ligaments, and tendons from jogging.

The Games You Must Try To Play In Hot Summer

Canoe Surfing

Unlike windsurfing on waves Game familiar abroad, this game will have a canoe pulled ahead. Leveraging the speed and your traction, players simply trying to keep his balance, holding firm grip connected to an extension cord strung out behind the boat and so on surfing smoothly on the water, even on the river without waiting for any public waves.

With some, skateboarding by boat seems much easier than surfing the waves. So this game easy and suitable for Vietnam is becoming quite familiar at the most popular beach.

Parasailing By Boat

Offering an amount and within 15 minutes, with no technical training or anything too hard.

You only need to memorize and perform a few basic movements like clutching the rope even when started running track, deep breathing while preparing to fly up and when it reaches absolute height, you just let go of everything to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and with an angle of 360 degrees is extremely great.

Now you as a bird was freed and the sky, vast space with beautiful scenery around them is yours.


Not only high speed, at which point you will be challenged ingenuity, his quick hands on the kayak has narrow and sprawling space. Playing the kayak will be more interesting and in all-terrain utility. You can use the kayak as a means to explore the caves ..hay went smoothly, slowly sinking to the landscape on the waterfront … each afternoon.

In regions with many cliffs, waterfalls, the kayak can also become a means venturing to help you challenge bravery, quick-witted improvisation and each time rafting in fast flowing rivers.

The special attention when you play kayaks capsized as they are easy and pretty hard to control if you are too hasty. Just you brandishing the paddle lightly, calmly, so down the stream, you will be extremely surprised with this boat there.


Can be considered as one of the latest adventure game that everyone can know. Like a game, but Highwire as a combination with sports slalom. Because when playing Highwire, you have to step over the small wooden planks fastened on the cable office or dangling on the tree limbs.

The more you go away, the level will be increased to a more difficult day with many obstacles, such as escalating grid, bridge timber, aerial ladders, …

This game will probably spend a lot of your energy and sometimes make you extremely pressure, tension when accidentally slip out or slip at a height of 6 meters above the ground. Although joining you will be wearing protective equipment such as hats, belts, gloves, cushions, … but to pass the new pressure of itself is dangerous and difficult.

these items should be equipped with: helmet; gloves; sneakers or sandals with soles are fastened. Best to bring the shoe lightweight and has good grip.

Contraindications: people with heart disease, hypertension, diseases endangering the processes involved in the game.

Physical Conditions: minimum 1.1 m high. Maximum weighing 140kg.

While playing: do not bring personal items or jewelry. Do not smoke and drink alcohol.