Accepting A Disabled Body To Play The Longboard

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According to The Scientist magazine, “glass bones” is one of 200 types of rare diseases and the world’s most dangerous. People with mild disease is to minimize movement, every gesture is severe, were monitored, and the average life expectancy is only 52.

Permanent life threatened patients with bone tony not always acceptable glass surrender. Outside, there are pieces of life; fate has been hard to find joy, use it as motivation to live. Tony, the boy, born in 1992, was diagnosed with a mild form of glass bone (also known as soft bones), still, go to school, go to work, to integrate into society and, above all, in spite of the danger to him under dream: Well once stood on skis

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Shock In 4 Years

Tony was born stunted than the peers. Red Hon Tony all the time mother, he weighs only 1.5 kg, the short side of the long leg. 2, Tony babbles blood know … cows. Nearly four years old, he was just walking like how other normal kid. Family Tony initially thought his condition is not good for the mother during fetal Tony cannot boost your health conditions.

The myth is nothing of concern, the character Tony falls out to the floor, his left hand grasping his right hand, mouth screaming. Both great house he jokes, as when tony as falling to unconsciousness due to too much pain to endure.

In ancient times, was sitting on the Corona is the dream for ordinary working class. Tony ride on the cars yearning month 8/1996 afternoon turned out to be a nightmare for the family, Tony. After 2 hours of diagnosis, the doctors informed Tony suffers from “soft bones” – a form of the disease, “strange” at that time, under the branches of evil monster disease “glass bones.”

Through preliminary description, your parents understand that her son is not strong athletes, limited cross-crowded place, must have followed him all the way. The slightest impact on Tony’s body can make him tied with wheelchair life. “Bones em not to the extent it fragile tony few times down the paralysis of motor function right,” Mary, Mother Tony shared.

School Dance & Dream “Riding May”

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Sharply limited movement of Tony tony disease without motor is bone dry, secretions help lubricate the joints movements depleted and eventually, his fate tied to crutches, wheelchairs or any objects It supports people with disabilities.

Under the guidance of experts, participation in parents Tony tai chi dance classes, an Ayurvedic exercise helps blood circulation, put the body in equilibrium and, most importantly, campaign-style tai chi is the most appropriate and safe.

Morning and afternoon, Tony must ensure intensity 2 hours / session. At first, he was our neighbor is cooking “effeminate, weak.” Destitute and unhappy exercise tony Tony understands that the only way to keep him to stay with the living. Collective well-acquainted hung forever, love to the extreme right in the wake Tony.

Feeling each collection that Tony described the writer as “mind refreshed how troubles vanish, people like to fly to the movements performed while raising the foot, and hand put the cross in the opposite direction.” Tony joked, once wished to be walking on clouds, to find you winning important things gravity of the earth.

Tony joined the desire for by you by friends tony health condition prevents him fun to play. Far off, Tony saw his dream. On the boards, regardless of terrain or slope, it can fly jumping and landing, all of which take place in the air.

“Not Afraid Wheelchair, Indicators Form.”

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Fatal diseases, things tangible barrier, stopped Tony stepped outside world for so years. He did not go to eat, hang out, and gather. Entertainment only collective hunts monsters Tony is on the computer screen with the “virtual you.” When skaters are popular subjects throughout the school play, Tony was the only person standing outside.

Lonely and out of place is the scariest feeling in the world. Family, relatives own affliction President Tony understood. However, the only they can do to motivate and … Tony is not anymore. Nobody wants to risk their lives and life just because Tony minutes overdid, playful.

Tony life no one speaking the word “suspect.” Tony thinking that each person only lives once in your life, which then will undergo born – price- disease – death. By bribery, gift is “8 hours accounts in the online games every week,” Tony had convinced Tom, his classmates, “stalk” skateboarding instruction after school.

The first phase is always harsh. The first three months, coming in due to a fear of being discovered, the Tony interlaced protective gear, stand on a plank, a wall hand grip, grip the other hand plays Tom; you’re so up gradually. Tony told, there are times to go from beginning to the end of the hall took 2 hours, tired legs. “Episode ever new slider is right,” Tony as Tom.

After two years of “sneaky” under the protection of the Tom, Tony himself was the first road slide. Asked Tony not afraid, so he just told to be afraid, I set maturity, wear full protective gear, proper playing techniques and always on guard, and then you will not have to worry