Discovering An Exciting Outdoor Sport Is Skateboarding

Not really hard, we are in contact with a group of practicing skateboarder at a plaza in the evening. With sports clothes, canvas shoes they watch each other perform new moves learned. Boys have a pretty cute nickname: Paul – small squirrel was performing pop jump (dam tail, rotate 180 degrees and begin boarding) onto a bench.

Look at him like flies on the board surfing and then suddenly the whole person and planks are tossed in the air and then landing “plop” a marble floor, I could not excite because just a little distracted there be abrasions, severe, can a broken arm.

But Paul has landed quite softly in the unceasing applause of the crowd gathered around. Antonio, a 13-year-old boy trying to reach poised to take the zigzag lines. Stumbled many times, but he still pursed lips go forward.

Another side, Jimmy skate boy a high school student was performing a jump over 2 Ollie stacked deck plate. Many successful shots, but there are also many times the “butt” of him falling reviews “thud” marble floor.

Every day, from 3 pm to 6-7 pm, you practice skateboarding group of Jimmy … again gathered together in the plaza practicing skateboarding and also to satisfy his passion. “The rain too, the new group does not go practice, and every day, almost all of them to participate,” Brad said.

Skateboarding is not just appealing to many skate girl skate boy love this game. Darline, a girl eleventh graders were also present at the guys to practice. Page frequently lied parents that go … aerobics set to hide away set, skis had sent home a friend.

The skateboarder was established both to introduce the skate website, posted on the exercises for beginners. The video clips on the jump shot or, beautiful leaps also be uploaded to the people to enjoy. There you also composed a song dedicated to the people skateboard.

Besides – a member of a group also opened a shop for skateboarding that sells skateboard and skate-related accessories.

Workout With The Outdoor Skateboarding Sport

To play this goal, the player must have courage, dare to bear the pain, especially patience and passion must be large enough. Although somewhat like roller skating (both sliding on the small cakes), but to be able to “surf as flying” on the skateboard requires not less sweat, tears of a skateboarder.

With newcomers, initially to “get acquainted” with the board. After zigzag and walker-style snake. Proficiency in this step is passed Ollie dancing – dance basics of skateboarding. Those hard-working and gifted it takes about 1-2 months to be able to jump Ollie.

Also wanted to jump over the obstacles like two stacked deck plate, pop up the bench, or the hard-clip requires skateboarder to practice from 6 months to 1 year.

It is hard to avoid for people skateboarding is like arm injury, stride, sprains … or scrapes body.

Secondly, this is a rather expensive sport. People play skateboard to shop for a kit including deck (planks) for $200 usually, two truck (below deck cylinder) 100 dollars, 40 dollars the bearings, the wheels 40 dollars (the good quality product ), not including accessories such as backpacks skateboards, protective clothing …

There was even cheaper, only 10 to 20 dollar range (low-quality goods) but the quality is not guaranteed, it is easy for players to cause accidents. Most players can only skateboard shopping for a skateboard reputation of the firm. And the guard as helmets, gloves, knee guards .. always part should wear to protect the body

This Sport Should Always Have A Space To Play

The big cities do not have many people skateboard playground. However, many still try to maintain skateboarder practice and passion for this sport.

A Skate boy said initially he and his friends used to practice in the park, but often security personnel or police prompted. When his team out of the park, the other square to play, they must share space with people with many different activities.

So there should be a separate area for everyone to be able to participate in outdoor sports is a comfortable and safe manner. Required the participation and contributions of governments, sponsors interested in culture and mentality of today’s teenagers. Should have the skate parts, built more and expanded to meet the needs of young people.

For now, the lack of training ground has led some fans of skateboarding to spill into the street performers are likely to cause an accident, must be prevented.