Exploring A Few Hottest Outdoor Sports Today

The youth of today is the dynamic, vibrant and always at the forefront of the new movement; they like to explore and challenge themselves. The young people look to the street sport mostly people with strong personalities, to conquer ourselves, like unleash passions and express their authentic selves.

Let’s Ironman Sports 5 points through the streets are many who love and play today.


Parkour – magic dance in the streets, becoming one of the sports most adventurous streets today. So far it quickly became a movement attracted so many kids involved.

Parkour requires no costly to prepare training tools, you just need a pair of sports shoes lightweight, durable and has good adhesion. You can work anywhere; location is ideal for high-rise apartment buildings abandoned.

Is considered the art of movement, Parkour is a mixture of many sports such as gymnastics, martial arts, hip hop, breakdance parkour …. Players must have a physical toughness, flexibility active, creative and must love adventure.

 Bmx (Bicycle Motor Cross – Bike Art)

BMX is a mountain bike is very popular in European countries, was born in 1960 in the US, BMX has attracted the young participants. BMX is divided into two main types of BMX Racing (playing on complex terrain such as rock climbing, sand wood) and BMX Free Style (performance skills). Vietnam youth prefers more types of Free Style.

The street sport requires players to have good stamina, the ability to keep a good balance, patience, and a high tolerance. Since you have to practice simple movements such as lifting the car smoothly until its launch 3600hay can rotate in the air.

BMX bikes serve essentially the same terrain bike normally but smaller in size. Small wheels, the car, and the brakes are specially designed, swiveling 3600 wagon footrest placed at both front and rear wheels, special vehicles without outriggers.

Skate Board (Skateboarding Art)

This sport is derived from surfing beach US Open in 1950 and was popular from fine until this, especially the youth. So far Skate Board has become a popular sport with young people active, “tough”, as the challenge.

There are two main forms of Skateboard subject: “Game of Skate” (play 1-1) and “Street” (training and street performers). It takes a while for you to get used to the plank, balancing on it and then moving through the technical movements more difficult.

To cater to sports Skate Board street, you should invest yourself a quality skateboard and include protection devices for hands and feet to protect themselves from injury.

Inline Skate (Bakery Rollerblading 1)

This is a sport for a long time in many parts of the world but until about the last year, new skating grow and attract young people.

Nowadays young people are caught up in the 4-wheel skates 1 row filled novel. Inline Skate is divided into many types and varied, depending on the interests and abilities of the self, the player can choose the kind of suits me.

Beginners play this sport must become familiar streets with shoes and learn to stand on its balance before you can glide gently or through the obstacles. You should also equip themselves with a boyfriend protective gear to avoid injuries when accidents occur unexpectedly.

Free Style Football (Performing Art With Soccer Ball)

This is a street sport is no stranger to these guys like football, but football is different from the traditional, he lifted the ball just seemed artistic techniques gifted the ball by controlling the parts of the body such as head, back, shoulders, arms, legs.

You just have passion with the ball and a good pair of shoes, a space large enough to have the freedom to show you these techniques.


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