The Games You Must Try To Play In Hot Summer

Canoe Surfing

Unlike windsurfing on waves Game familiar abroad, this game will have a canoe pulled ahead. Leveraging the speed and your traction, players simply trying to keep his balance, holding firm grip connected to an extension cord strung out behind the boat and so on surfing smoothly on the water, even on the river without waiting for any public waves.

With some, skateboarding by boat seems much easier than surfing the waves. So this game easy and suitable for Vietnam is becoming quite familiar at the most popular beach.

Parasailing By Boat

Offering an amount and within 15 minutes, with no technical training or anything too hard.

You only need to memorize and perform a few basic movements like clutching the rope even when started running track, deep breathing while preparing to fly up and when it reaches absolute height, you just let go of everything to enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and with an angle of 360 degrees is extremely great.

Now you as a bird was freed and the sky, vast space with beautiful scenery around them is yours.


Not only high speed, at which point you will be challenged ingenuity, his quick hands on the kayak has narrow and sprawling space. Playing the kayak will be more interesting and in all-terrain utility. You can use the kayak as a means to explore the caves ..hay went smoothly, slowly sinking to the landscape on the waterfront … each afternoon.

In regions with many cliffs, waterfalls, the kayak can also become a means venturing to help you challenge bravery, quick-witted improvisation and each time rafting in fast flowing rivers.

The special attention when you play kayaks capsized as they are easy and pretty hard to control if you are too hasty. Just you brandishing the paddle lightly, calmly, so down the stream, you will be extremely surprised with this boat there.


Can be considered as one of the latest adventure game that everyone can know. Like a game, but Highwire as a combination with sports slalom. Because when playing Highwire, you have to step over the small wooden planks fastened on the cable office or dangling on the tree limbs.

The more you go away, the level will be increased to a more difficult day with many obstacles, such as escalating grid, bridge timber, aerial ladders, …

This game will probably spend a lot of your energy and sometimes make you extremely pressure, tension when accidentally slip out or slip at a height of 6 meters above the ground. Although joining you will be wearing protective equipment such as hats, belts, gloves, cushions, … but to pass the new pressure of itself is dangerous and difficult.

these items should be equipped with: helmet; gloves; sneakers or sandals with soles are fastened. Best to bring the shoe lightweight and has good grip.

Contraindications: people with heart disease, hypertension, diseases endangering the processes involved in the game.

Physical Conditions: minimum 1.1 m high. Maximum weighing 140kg.

While playing: do not bring personal items or jewelry. Do not smoke and drink alcohol.

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