The Most Important Points About Playing Paintball

Hi guys, this is the post about paintball playing. I know that this sport is getting more and more popular. The sport helps the players a lot in terms of improving their health and skills. Each player with a best paintball gun under 300 dollars can show their ability.

Nonetheless, in playing this sport, there are many points important you have to keep in mind. In this post, I will tell you more details about that and hope that you will understand more about the activity.

The Work Of A Paintball Gun

First and foremost, I want to introduce to you about the most important equipment in playing paintball. That is the paintball gun. The gun helps you shoot the paint bullets and makes the bullets go with high speed. Basically, the paintball gun uses the compressed air to create pressure and put pressure on the paintballs. About the structure of this gun, there are five main parts as bellows.

Paintball Hopper

To describe, the paintball hopper contains the paintballs. The capacity of the paintball hopper depends on the types of guns. It also helps to push the paintballs to the gun barrel.

Barrel And Body

The barrel and the body of the paintball gun are made mainly of metal, with some more small details to create different principles in the operation, depending on the type of paintball gun.

Air Regulator

The air regulator helps to lead the compressed air from the compressed air tank to the barrel. The air regulator is very small so that the air is not leaked.


The stock works when the compressed air pushes the paintball out of the barrels. And when the stock works, it makes some noise.

Compressed Air Tank

This tank may contain carbonic air, nitro air or just compressed air. The compressed air is able to create high pressure to push the paintball out of the barrel with really high speed.

These are the main parts of a paintball gun and with the knowledge about these parts, you will easily understand the working principles of the gun.

General Rules In Playing Paintball

Before deciding to take part in this activity, you ought to get to know whether you are qualified to play it or not. In general, people under 16 years old are not allowed to play paintball.

In playing this sport, you have to wear long clothes with thick material so that the clothes can resist the strong force from the paintball. Do not wear shorts or just T – shirts. All the players have to wear protective clothes. I know that the clothes is quite bulky and heavy but it is for the purpose of protection. Therefore, you are forced to wear it. If the accidents happen because you put off the protective clothes, you will have to take full responsibility of it.

In addition, you are not allowed to bring pointy things or other weapons in the playing field. This is to keep security for all the players. When you wear the protective clothes and wear the helmets, make sure that all the belts and straps are tightened and cannot have any unwanted effect on your playing.

As this is a teamwork sport, all the members in a team are encouraged to use walkie talkie to contact each other. You can have a walkie talkie to connect your teammates easily.

Missions In Playing Paintball

In this sport, the missions vary and you will take just one or some missions during a game. There are some missions as bellows.

  • Get the flag
  • Elimination
  • Protect the flag
  • Fighting
  • Shooting to score

These missions are all difficult on the ground that they all require the quickness and intelligence of each team. About the first mission, the flag is put in the center of the battle field. The two paintball teams will have to run to get the flag first and have to prevent the other team from getting the flag before your team.

Bottom Line

I have just told you about the rules of playing paintball, the gun and the missions of the sport. For beginners, this is the least basic knowledge they have to learn. If you have more interest about this sport, you can contact us anytime to receive more precious details.
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