The Outdoor Version of King Sport The For Youth

If a few years ago, if you happen to see a young person playing in free football style – an outdoor sport, make a few technical movements, viewers might have thought that this guy was a professional athlete or circus.

But now, people familiar with the images of athletes spoon with soccer ball head, foot or soccer ball moves complex spoon tirelessly in the community playing field in many major cities and all who understand that merely a new street sport called football art, or freestyle football (FF)

The Formation and Development Of Free Football Style Sport

Art football from its name says it is the variety of ways to play because it does not merely half spoon playing soccer ball that also encompasses such forms of play street football (soccer street ); panna (soccer slip enemy) …

If you asked football was born from art when it can be said that since the advent of football, football player gameplay has always paid attention to the beautiful and artistic.

Until football is considered the most popular sport on the planet, from the early 20th century in the years appeared the famous spoon soccer ball as  Enrico Rastelli (1896 to 1931), and Francis Bunn ( 1922-2004) with circus skills with the ball. Soccer ball with your spoon started without a professional football player can match

Football only really art exit circus floor when he lifted flaking techniques or performances with the ball is the famous football stars such as Pele, Diego Maradona, or “holy” Johan Cruyff applied while practicing and right on the golf ball set.

In the early 2000s, when the media participated in honoring the art football with football series advertisement series of Nike arts: Joga Bonito, Ronaldinho with the participation of football players and the arts the sport is widely promoted.

And there are people who do not play football tradition accepted and played with the ball as a passion and develop it into a new sport. Now football is not just a game art performances unique skills of football, but a way to improve health, the way to satisfy the passion of youth football, the spirit can fight hunger win, reaching new heights

In 2003, art soccer tournament was the world’s first birth is called Masters of the Game marked the official sport of football art is recognized officially in the presence of this sport.

From then onwards to the appeal is not limited to the creation of new technologies and the development of the internet, art football developed quickly and had established arts Football Federation F3 world simultaneously organizing big tournaments like Redbull freestyle football, Eurobac, Komball …

Those who take the lead in promoting football in the world of art can not fail to mention did not like Mr. Woo (Korean); Touzani, Abdulah (Netherlands); Palle (Sweden)…

The Basic Techniques of Spooning Football Art

If traditional football legs only to control the ball then he lifted the ball seemed focused art techniques skillfully controlled the ball not only by foot but also by other parts like arms, shoulders, jaw, back head … the purpose of this subject is not in the scoring but mainly in the creative performances and beautiful.

The first time a novice with the ball, you will have to set the basic techniques, even … caddy. Next, you will be familiar with the basic techniques such as rotating the ball with his hand, he lifted the ball with one foot and then the legs, keeping the ball on the instep, going around the ball once the ball is in the air…

These techniques more difficult balance by the first ball, keep the ball in the back, chest or even in the challenging environment … once you have mastered and will decide who is the winner of the competition.

It is not wrong to say he lifted the ball art is a great combination between sport and art because, besides manual dexterity and flexibility to control parts ball, players can cooperate he lifted the ball along the screen with music, break dance movements or even dance ballet … to the performances more appealing and eye-catching.

The Formation of Free Football Style Group

This is an outdoor sport and play very engaged so that many young people play this sport. Also soccer is the king of sport in the world, the passion and the love for soccer, in general, has inspired to many players.

Currently, the development of this sport growing the movement with football practice art. The tournament of this sport is also increasingly professional organization.

Spoon award-art soccer ball sponsors are held every year; many young people have the passion and participation. This sport is very easy to play in space, without investing too much initial cost, suitable for many different ages…

Currently, football was popular art in almost all major cities in many countries around the world. The league of this sport also gained the attention of a lot of the press and the media traditional.

Football players can monitor art and self-playing through social networks of people playing football on facebook or youtube art with a variety of video tutorials for beginners hoping to spread subjects this sport is increasingly widespread.

And after many years, the art of football is now an indispensable part of modern football and is a healthy sporting activity for young people today.

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