Things You Need To Concern When Buying The Knee Sleeves

It is said that the hips, buttocks, as well as the thighs are the collection of large muscle groups of the body and they are considered the most collective muscles harder. As in the previous article, to make good on the exercise of this muscle group, then you need to equip yourself with one hard belt. However, that is not enough for you to conquer the highest rung of all squats. As long as you desire to read more information about the benefits of this device, please get around the following article.

Why We Must Use The Knee Sleeves

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When practicing sport, involves matching what we cannot joke around, the knee joint is the largest one on the human body. And when doing the exercises on leg muscles, back, buttocks, and the knee joint must put up with the extremely high pressure.

Have you ever squat or deadlift, but feel his legs shaking (which is when the knee is fighting with your body weight + weight lifting), or a swing-swing sounds emitted little? It is also a sign of the knee is alarming. As a result, when training, people should always try to study methods to reduce the pressure loading on the knee.

Why We Should Choose The  THOL K001 Knee Sleeves

If anyone seriously ever find yourself one serious knee wound, perhaps previous domestic market have not yet, but if it does not meet the needs of our practice, so we need to relatives abroad send buy or buy on the online supermarket, the current market price 1 rope wrapped pillow “spending is” of the famous American brand, the price falls to less than 25 USD (excluding cash transport and taxes).

And THOL K001, in terms of material quality and technical specifications are not inferior to other famous customers (there are still outstanding 1 score), but we dare to claim only 50% sell 12$ and we see this as strategic commodities, 1 steel punch into the market of professional fitness equipment around the world.

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As you can see on the picture, our THOL K001 is structured with 2m length, width 8 cm, as well as 100% premium cotton material (see more bears than the knee wound in from USA – their wire less than 1 minute tiny and almost no lock, just manually removable, lockable type will cost much more, if there is no lock wire will slip during use is very dangerous)

The Highlights Features About The THOL Knee Sleeves

As above picture you see is the product line of gloves with advanced wound our short, we now have only two models: red and white and black. More diverse will let you coordinate on their maturity GYM. 100% of raw materials, production and imports from the Middle East, the land of silk in the world, known as the cradle of the sporting goods industry, fitness.

In addition, the machine is structured from the advanced cotton materials, advanced aesthetics, elegance which can be able to help you completely be confident ahead of others. Moreover, the product is 2m in length, 8cm in width which can help protect larger areas, firm pillow, as well as the stronger the activity.

  • Design masculine, strong, professional.
  • Excellent when used with belt THOL B002
  • Can be adjusted to the maximum compatible with many different types of knee
  • Longevity and high mechanical strength

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Note: This is a professional knee wound, an indispensable tool when squat (Squats), Cycling thigh (Legs Press), is best used in combination with hard THOL B002 belt.

Several Information About The BBT Band

It is said that the BBT brand is the exclusive distributor of this brand on a national scale. In order to ensure customers do not purchase the fake product, please check counterfeiting Anti-counterfeiting stamps of the Ministry of Public Security’s sub-label products and the company BBT also offers the confirmation message scratches card products (3 stamps all).

If there are any signs of doubt, you can call the call center for advice. Please register and select the online shopping functionality for better care. We strongly hope that all of you guys will be completely satisfied with our service.

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