Tips In Purchasing The Longboard For The Best Use

It is said that to choose the best longboards, it depends on many factors. For more support, feel free to visit the website As you can see, a skateboard seems to look very simple, but understanding it is not easy, to play skateboard better, the author provides the detailed instructions how to play as well as the basic component to form a longboard. Let’s refer below.

The Main Parts

Standard Skateboard

Old-Schools Skateboard

Decks (Plank)

Deck is mostly made of maple Canada (Maple) and usually has 5-8 layers laminated wood. Sometimes, other materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, bamboo, plastic, resins are added to increase durability or make the boards lighter. The decks now often have width from 7-8.5 “depending on the size of the players’legs. For more professional skaters, they commonly use the wider planks to stabilize. The length is usually between 28-33”. Usually, there are 2 top knobs to perform tricks.

The Longboard Plank (Old-school) is the old deck, which is the first-shaped water board. This plank is usually played in the early years (70-80), now rarely played.

Trucks (Axis)

It is alloy shaft mounted under the plywood bar, which functions as bearing work and keeps four wheels. Trucks are often made of aluminum alloy, titanium, sometimes gold, Carbon.

The hardest alloy is placed in the middle, which runs transverse called Axle and surrounds it is Hangar (on Hanger – bar support), acting as the main bearing effect, and is place to mount bearings (bearings). Shaft is baseplate, under it is Riser (pads).


The Wheel size is usually 50-60mm, the small wheel (48-50mm) will be easy to perform tricks while the big wheel (55-60mm) is easy for the road slippery. When going downhill or slalom, you can use the wheels with 60-70mm long, for the highest speed. There are 3 types of wheels are Soft, Hard and Med, which specialize to their hardness, the soft wheel is easy to carry and hard trick will be easy to go downhill.


The marbles here are usually steel, ceramic titanium or even (this kind is extremely good and expensive), so they have the strength, extremely large and very light hardware, easy to clean). The standard size is 8mm for core, 22mm thick and 7mm wide, attached to Axle. The bearings are distinguished based on their speed dial. ABEC is the type commonly used for standards. There also has the highest ABEC 1,3,5,7,9 and 11 for extremely high speed.

Griptape (Sandpaper)

The dedicated grip tape to the skateboard can improve the grip to perform the trick. They are not as cheap as the usual grip plate.

After understanding the structure of the longboards, you can take some basic steps to get first acquainted with them.

The first step is to balance on planks. As a newcomer, you should stand in the place, which is less slippery like the grass or sand courts. Because you just stand on the planks for the feel and balance. Basic on the boards, it will have 8 split screws for 2 evenly ends of planks. Take it to the center point to stand up. Put the secondary leg up front plank boards. And feet for pushing the board will be put behind. Put the legs slightly perpendicular to the planks. Besides, it is the best to have the protective gear to avoid unnecessary accidents.

You should exercise to stand on the boards to get the feeling for the games and action: step up the legs – stand on a plank – step two feet down. Done slowly to be able to feel the focus planks. Note when you take a stand, remember sagging two knees because it will help to control the boards better.

After thoroughly get the familiar feeling  on the central plank, you can perform simple actions to improve the ability to control the game. For instance, standing on the boards in the specialized field training can help you balance, control inertia of the slip in games. Perform this step to create a feeling of more familiar with the game of foot when performing the movements for faster, stronger boarding.

These are started on the basic issues and the most essential for beginners. Practice in less slippery terrain, and if feeling confident with planks, then transfer to a dedicated terrain to practice and improve your skill.

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